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Get better financing options for your next property. At our core, we strive to go above and beyond for all of our clients. Our experienced team helps first-time buyers or those looking to refinance get the best rates and terms available while delivering an exceptional 5-star experience along the way!

​We’re a professional and experienced team of brokers focused on providing the best real estate financing options available to every client we serve. We only work with strong, reputable lenders.

Spend less by lowering your borrowing costs!

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Buying or Refinancing Your Home Has Never Been Easier


Take the first step towards achieving a key life milestone – homeownership! With Syla Lending, you’ll get expert guidance from dedicated mortgage professionals. Get ready to explore all kinds of loan programs and secure competitive rates to make your dream come true.


Unlock the value in your home today! With an experienced mortgage loan expert, you can take advantage of rising home values and get cash out from the equity. Request a free review to start enjoying these benefits – call us today!

Buying or Refinancing Home with a Syla Lending Broker


At Syla Lending, we make the process of owning a home easy and affordable. Our friendly loan officers work diligently to find the perfect mortgage solution for your needs. We offer competitive interest rates that can save you money when compared with traditional banking — so seize the opportunity to make your dreams of homeownership come true.

Our customized mortgage options will provide you with the perfect solution for your unique situation. We offer an impressive array of residential loan programs including:

✓ Conventional Loans
✓ FHA Loans
✓ VA Loans

✓ Reverse Mortgages
✓ USDA Loans

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The Investment Property Loans Expert

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Get better financing options for investment properties. Hard money loans are extremely expensive, with interest rates around 10%. In many cases, they only finance about 50% of the value of the property and payments are interest-only with a balloon at the end. 

​We’re a professional and experienced team of brokers focused on providing the best real estate investment financing options available to every client we serve. We only work with strong, reputable lenders that offer amazing investment property loan opportunities with:

Increase your profit by lowering your borrowing costs!

Investment Property Loan Programs

Invest with confidence using the perfect financing option for your needs

Ready to take control of your financial future? Investment property loans are the perfect way for you to turn real estate into increased wealth. With competitive mortgage rates and simple qualifying requirements, an investment loan could be just what it takes for you to reap big rewards from a rental home or fixer-upper project. Don’t let this opportunity pass by – explore how investing in property can help make your nest egg bigger!

✓ Hard Money Loans
✓ Rental Property Loans
✓ Bridge Loans
✓ Construction Loans
✓ Cash-Out Refinancing
✓ Investment Property Refinancing

Investment Property Loans
✓ DSCR Loans
✓ Commercial Loans
✓ Foreign National Loans
✓ Rental Property Refinance

Benefits of No Doc Loans for Investors

✓  No Income Verification

✓ No Personal Income Verification

✓ Use the home’s rental potential income

✓ Quick Close

✓ No Taxes

✓ No Paystubs

✓ Little to no documents

✓ As little as 20% down (Up to 80% LTV)

Avoid the Aggressive Costs & Harsh Terms of Hard Money Loans
with our No Doc Mortgages for Investors

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We understand how important it is for individuals as well as investors to raise money for a great property without getting eaten up by excessively high interest rates and costs. Our team will work tirelessly to provide exceptional service with competitive rates regardless of your needs.


Personalized Service

We know our clients by first name because we believe service and customer support are vital to a good working relationship. We actually care about every single deal and work to see them to completion.

Competitive Rates

Our goal is always to find competitive rates from all the lenders we work with. We negotiate on behalf of our customers so our customers can feel confident their investment is worthwhile.

Years of Experience​

Our team has amassed over 15 years of combined experience in the world of lending. We use this experience as well as our connections to deliver powerful lending options to ever customer we work with.


“We couldn’t be happier working with Syla Lending. Their team was professional and helped me close on my investment property quickly.”

Alison Garcia / Home Buyer

“Every time I called, I spoke to my broker. It’s important to me to have somebody who’s knowledgeable answering my questions and taking my calls.”

Miles Johnson / Investor

“We plan on using Syla for all our investment property loans. We received great service, the rates were excellent and my broker was always accessible”

Barbie McGee / Investor

Excellent Rates and Personalized Attention

We are broker-owners focused on offering our borrowers the best pricing available