Cash Out Refinancing


What Is Cash-Out Refinancing?

With cash-out refinancing, the borrower can access a new, bigger mortgage that replaces their current home loan. The person is paid the difference in both the mortgages in cash, which leaves them with enough funds for their remodeling projects, or to meet their urgent needs and financial goals.

Naturally, with a new mortgage comes different terms and interest rates. This can be a boon for real estate investors looking to use their equity in an existing property to acquire liquid funds for portfolio diversification purposes. It is also an excellent choice for homeowners who need access to funds for emergencies and those looking for attractive interest rates and better payment options.

As a market leader, SYLA Lending functions as a direct private lender and offers fantastic cash-out refinancing options to property owners and investors. Let’s start talking to see if it fits your needs.

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How Does Cash-Out Refinancing Work?

The steps to apply for cash-out refinancing matches that of traditional loans. Just send us a quote stating your request, and our team will get into action to help you through the application process. After we receive your documents, you’ll only have to wait a few days for your new loan to get approved! We don’t need your income proof or ask about your credit score, so the entire process, right up to closing, is super-fast.

Applying for a cash-out refinancing loan can be tricky and confusing. Before you choose the cash-out refinancing route, do solidify the reasons for which you need the funds before you proceed. This will help you to have a clear idea of how much you need to borrow.

To give you an example, if your goal is to use the additional funds to take care of a debt, do calculate the amount you owe by going through credit card statements and debt obligations. Similarly, if you seek to conduct home repairs with the cash you obtain, consult with a few contractors to get an estimate first.

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Advantages Of Cash Out Refinancing

Cash Out Refinancing has many advantages on a personal and professional levels. Additionally, our personalized services makes it even better. Let’s take a look at all advantages

  1. LTV Upto 80%: Enjoy exceptional LTV ratios by partnering with SYLA Lending for your property investment and borrowing needs.
  2. Multiple Loan Payment Options: A host of payment structures, such as interest-only payments, designed specially to cater to your financial health and budget.
  3. Countless Investment Avenues: Condos? Check. Condotels? Done. 2-4 residential units or apartment mortgages? Yes! We help finance the purchase of a wide range of properties with our cash-out refinancing program.
  4. Fast Processing: No more stress or waiting around to get your cash-out refinancing loan approved!

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Eligibility — Is Cash Out-Refinancing For Me?

Cash-out refinancing can bring you lower interest rates while helping you take care of immediate expenses. From fulfilling investment purposes, as well as facilitating home improvements to increase the property’s value, consolidation of high-interest debt obligations, making rental property purchases possible, to financing your children’s education, the proceeds obtained through cash-out refinancing can be diverted towards a lot of avenues. In fact, you can also choose to add another wing to an investment property to accommodate more tenants to generate more income.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you choose to go the cash-out refinancing way. If such plans are on your agenda, let us help you calculate your interest rates to move forward ASAP.

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If you are a real estate investor who wants to make the most of your equity in an investment property, we are here to help you take your assets portfolio to the next level! Our experts-recommended refinancing program will help you to achieve your goals. If you have questions about our cash-out refinancing program, our team would be more than happy to help you out!

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