Commercial Loans


What Is Commercial Loan?

A commercial loan is a source of capital offered by private lenders to investors who need quick access to funds. It is a popular choice for those seeking to purchase or construct commercial and other non-owner-occupied properties, such as office buildings, hotels, and multi-unit rentals.

This loan is approved based on the projected income of the property you want to purchase, which may be in the form of rents or sales. It is also an ideal option for those who don’t want to go through credit score checks or income proof verifications.

SYLA Lending’s commercial loans for real estate investment purposes also come with flexible payment terms and competitive interest rates. We walk the extra mile to understand your needs and also lay out the best borrowing options before you so that you can come to an informed decision while selecting a loan program.



​How Does Commercial Loan Work?

Commercial real estate can turn out to be highly lucrative short- and long-term investments. However, acquiring funds for such projects may be challenging, especially if one has average credit scores and few liquid assets. In such cases, commercial hard money loans can be the answer to ensuring that you lock down the property before your competitors set their eyes on it!

Typically, our loan process starts with pre-qualification screening, wherein you are requested to fill up an application that helps us verify whether you are eligible for our commercial loan. Then, you are asked to provide us with a few documents, including purchase/sale agreement, exit strategy, and two forms of identification. We do not extend the process further by asking for your salary proof or by conducting credit checks!

After this step, we discuss our commercial loan’s interest rates with you and walk you through the terms. Our professionals also authenticate the property’s real estate market value. We will also calculate the property’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) to ascertain the net annual income (to verify the commercial property’s future profitability). If everything works out well, you could walk away with funds within a few days! Feel free to reach out to us today if you would like to explore further.

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Advantages Of Commercial Loans

In addition to the process being less time-consuming than traditional loans, Commercial Loan has multiple benefits for their end-users. Here is a list of advantages listed

  1. LTV Up To 70%: We offer high loan-to-value ratios so that you don’t have to put down a lot of cash for the down payment.
  2. Flexible Payment Options: SYLA Lending provides several payment options to clients, including fixed-rates and adjustable-rates payments.
  3. No Income Verification: No pay stubs, W2s, or income tax returns — we guide you on the ways you can qualify for a commercial loan based on the CRE’s income generation capabilities.
  4. Super Fast Processing: SYLA Lending’s client-centric services make borrowing hassle-free and convenient. Get your loan approved in a few days with us!

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Eligibility — How To Qualify For A Commercial Loan?

Are you looking for commercial lenders who offer asset-based financing? Do you seek financing fast sans the hassles associated with traditional loans? Then SYLA Lending’s commercial loan are definitely worth exploring!

With our commercial loan program, real estate investors can purchase/lease out several property types, most of which are not even covered by banks. You can choose to diversify your real estate portfolio without being forced to liquidate your existing assets. In addition to this, if you’re starting out in the realm of real estate, you can start clinching properties quickly without having to worry about average credit scores.

Grow your real estate investments with SYLA Lending as your trusted lending partner. To calculate interest rates on our commercial loan program, get in touch with our skilled experts.

Where To Get Commercial Loan?

Commercial real estate is an arena that brings you high returns, if you play your cards right. If you are looking to grow your commercial real estate portfolio, then we’d love to be your lending partner! To finance a commercial property deal, get in touch with us today.

Better Rates than Hard Money Loans

Our loan programs may save you money and increase your return