Investment Property Refinance


What Is Investment Property Refinancing?

For continued success in the space of real estate investments, it is extremely important for investors to have fast and easy access to refinancing options. That is where we come in!

Explained simply, refinancing an investment property involves swapping your old loan for a new one that comes with different interest rates and terms.

What sets this type of loan apart from others is that you can leverage your home’s equity for cash if your property is priced higher than what you owe to your previous lender. With such a cash-out, you get the difference between the old and the new loan, which can be used to fund the down payment for a new investment property or to pay for your existing one’s repairs.

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How Does Investment Property Refinancing Work?

​The process of applying for an investment property refinancing loan is pretty straightforward with SYLA Lending. It’s similar to refinancing a residential property in Florida.

However, SYLA Lending speeds up the process by approving your loan on the basis of your investment property’s value, not on your salary or your credit scores. This accelerates the entire process and also makes it easier for you to capitalize on your existing investment properties.

If you seek to apply for an investment property refinancing loan, you will be required to fill out a form. After we go through it, we will ask for a few documents, such as the copy of your title insurance, identification cards, purchase contract, and documents that prove you have a pre-existing loan.

​SYLA Lending’s experts also calculate the debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) and the current market value of your investment property.

If everything works out well, you may get a brand new loan within a few days!

Yes, that’s right. Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t take weeks to approve your loan requests. If you would like to discuss more, get in touch with us today.

Advantages Of Investment Property Refinancing

Besides faster processing and less documentation process, there are many advantages of Investment Property Refinancing their end-users. Let’s see some of the main advantages here

  1. Customized Loan Terms: We offer a wide range of options when it comes to interest rates. Take your pick from interest-only, fixed-rate, and adjustable-rate mortgages.
  2. No Income Proof Required: SYLA Lending offers loans on your investment property, not on the basis of your income or credit score. This makes the entire process a breeze for you.
  3. 80% Loan-To-Value: Our loan-to-value ratios are best in the Florida lending market. We ensure that you get the best value for your investment properties
  4. Multiple Properties Refinance: Want to refinance a 2-4 property unit, a condo, or a condotel? We have got you covered! Unlike traditional lenders, we refinance a wide range of property types.

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Eligibility — Is Investment Property Refinancing Right For You?

Do you want to increase your rental income by making a few property upgrades or to give your portfolio of investments a major boost? Are you seeking additional cash for your personal use, or simply want to negotiate better loan terms? Investment property refinancing can come to your rescue.
If you are on the lookout for great loan terms and to shorten your repayment terms, this is the way to go. Many people also opt for this route when they need extra cash to take care of a personal debt, enhance their retirement savings, or even pay for an unforeseen expense.
Our loan terms are extremely flexible and specially designed to fit the needs of real estate investors. Give us a call if you would like to calculate your interest rates on your investment property refinancing loan today.

Where To Get Investment Property Refinancing?

Is your current loan affecting your ability to generate profits from your investment property? It’s time to consider refinancing! SYLA Lending’s services are second to none and our simple eligibility requirements ensure that we close the refinancing process in a few days. To know what terms we can offer you, feel free to reach out!

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